Acknowledgements by Róisín O'Brien

I wish to thank Dr Orla Murphy, Dr Michael Cosgrave and Professor Brendan Dooley for introducing me to the diverse discipline of Digital Arts and Humanities.

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Fleischmann family for entrusting me with the Aloys Fleischmann diaries and for so generously engaging in a collaborative process throughout the project.

I wish to express my appreciation to Liam Mac Cóil, scholar and writer, for his contribution to the diary transcriptions. Additionally, I am grateful to Catriona Mulcahy, Elaine Harrington and Emer Twomey for facilitating access to the diaries and enabling the use of a workspace at the Boole Library.

I would like to thank Kate Corkery for kindly granting permission to reproduce Daniel Corkery’s painting ‘Ardmore’ and Cherry O’Keeffe for kindly allowing me to reproduce Marshall Hutson’s bust of John J. Horgan.

Furthermore, I wish to thank the following individuals who kindly imparted their valuable knowledge during the course of this project: Peter Flynn, William Sacco, Dr Manfred Mayer, John Hodgson, James Robinson, Gwen Jones, James O’Sullivan, Mary Galvin, Ronan O’Leary, Dr Katherine Adamson, Dr Susan Schreibman, Rachel Murphy, Julianne Nyhan, Karolina Badzmierowska, Bryn Savage, Tomas Tyner and Rebecca Grant.