October, 1926, Friday 1

1st Friday. Did some Latin, dashed to Mass and back, gobbled breakfast and ran to school, and in spite of all didn’t get my work done. – When I came home I got one of those curious fits where a thousand things are troubling me,…

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October, 1926, Sunday 10

When I have least to do, then I take the longest time to do it. Yet I had a lot of free time to-day. Dr. Frend, a young Hungarian, studied in Vienna, and who is eminent as a doctor, was for tea. His English is…

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October, 1926, Sunday 31

The new feast day of the Kingship of Christ. Dr. Frend was present at dinner and there was most interesting conversation about the incredible English propaganda work during the war. Mám told us how Fr. Thomas, a distinguished Cork priest, went around the country giving…

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